Sunday, 25 November 2007

A man in the palm of my hand.

Just how I like 'em.

Another one for the PTA. His hat is "hinged", and if you tip it up he looks not unlike a pink and red egg.

There were three of these little chaps, plus a Frenchman in a beret and several random animals. Here are some of them in all their single crochet glory (ok, "glory" is pushing it a bit).

The Spice Boys.

"Inspector Troy"

This isn't supposed to happen. Maggie appears to have arrested Inspector Troy. Midsomer will never be the same.

Snorty and Snortlet.

Snorty and Snortlet are from a pattern on Roman Sock. 'tis a very excellent piece of work. The patterns are very clear and I recommend them very highly.