Wednesday, 2 January 2008

An Owly Christmas

Not much time for blogging over christmas due to work, work and some more work, but we did do lots of yuletide stuff when time allowed. The tree looked reasonably surreal owing to the fact that it was used as a random display unit for various toys and bits of crochet. I left the decorating to the smallest member of the household, and this is what happened...

Owls nesting in a plastic Christmas tree. As they do at this time of year

The Owl pattern was courtesy of Brie at Roman Sock, whose patterns have now begun to take over the entire house, but in a good way. The softly fluffed feathers of the original were replaced by eyelash wool to make the owl look a bit more punky. This is because I am old, and can remember The Damned first hand with great fondness. The owls are the closest I've ever got to Dave Vanian, so their presence in the tree was fine by me. Here are three of them before they started roosting...

Not The Damned

And here is Dave, who was not in the tree, which is perhaps for the best as it would all have gone a bit top heavy and fallen on the turkey.

Not an owl

The tree also included a snowman and the previously seen Frenchman who returned for the holiday period.

At last - something seasonal...

Every tree needs one of these.

The moral of this story is to always let small children decorate the christmas tree. For entertainment value alone, it's worth it.

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