Sunday, 4 November 2007

My PTA Hell

Well, not really as it's quite enjoyable. But it doesn't half make the hands ache. Here is the latest progress, mainly in pictures.

From this....

To a shy bear called "Herb".

And for all out debauchery, here's Kenneth the drunken cat and his partner in crime, Hortense the Hippo. She's flat out and refusing to be photographed. She was also an absolute bugger to make.
Here she is before she fell in with a bad crowd.

And here, a limbless frog ponders the fate of his leg. Garlic, anyone?

The pattern for the frog came from Roman Sock, which is linked to this site if you wish to peruse more enviable patterns.

1 comment:

alice c said...

I see that you have joined the world of terrifying PTA women and terrified ordinary mothers. Step back before it is too late!
I'm liking Hortense - she has a cuddly personality.